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    I just want to take a little time and formally thank Automated AV (in particular Barrett James and Nathan Bates) for the coordination and install of our security and camera system.

    Barrett and Nathan showed us the greatest of professionalism and dedication to our project. Automated AV completed their work within budget and within allotted timeframes that were established.

    OSG is currently licensed to manufacture cannabis products under our Controlled Substance license and we are awaiting final approval for our ACMPR. Security plays a large part of the structure that has enabled us to receive this license.

    I would be happy to recommend Automated AV to others that might need assurance of their capabilities for installing security, camera and technical equipment.

    Ken Tkachuk

    OldsSoftgels Inc.

    Automated AV has been the all in one solution to all our business needs.

    Andrew and his team have been a pleasure to work with, from the day we first decided we would go with Automated. Andrew provided detailed information on every type of hardware that was being installed, including mapped out sound, security and wiring infrastructure. Installation was done quickly, effectively and in coordination with all our suppliers, the installation of the wiring was also done very discretely and the components to run all equipment was organized and easy to get to. Andrew has made recommendations that are now being accepted and followed by our corporate team to help save time and money, his Crestron system is easy to use for our team and has been one of the best systems that we have used while being in the restaurant industry (over 30 years). Gone are the days of fiddling with a remote to find a TV channel that transmits in HD or setting up a TV, with Automated, its effortless. We use a one-remote Crestron system that controls blinds, sound systems, security, our fireplace (yes our fireplace), heaters and all temperature controls! It’s awesome! To keep this short, it has been a pleasure working with Andrew and his team, we have 4 restaurants and continue to use his installation and services to grow.

    Nash Shariff

    Browns Socialhouse YEG