Browns Social House Video Wall

Project Overview

We were recently approached by Browns Restaurant Group to help find a video wall system they can install in some existing and upcoming restaurants. The initial project would be a retrofit, along with some new installs, posed some specific issues and requirements. The entire video wall was to be suspended from the ceiling and in some instances, in the middle of the restaurant!

This required that the video wall system needed to be as light and thin as possible, while keeping a minimal pixel to pixel gap. The other hurdle we had to cross was the concern that the video wall would overpower the space due to its brightness in the evening when the restaurant lighting is very low.

With the criteria in hand, we determined the best product for this project would be a Planar Clarity Matrix G2 “System”. This boasts a fully installed depth, with mounting hardware, of only 3.6” and each 46” panel with mounting hardware would weigh a mere 42lbs each!

Planar achieves this by placing the power supplies and video processors in the AV rack and not inside each panel. This removes significant weight, and heat from the actual video wall to increase reliability, serviceability, and maintain an installed depth that is Compliant with US ADA regulations.

What we ended up with was a 138” diagonal Video wall with minimal 3.6mm pixel to pixel gaps, a 3.6” total mounted depth and a total installed weight of 378lbs! 

Product Details

  • The external power supplies and video processing, along with Planar’s EasyAxis mounting system reduce installation labour and costs. Cabling for the 3x3 (9 panel system) recently installed in Langley Center required only a single Shielded Cat6 cable from the AV rack to each Panel as well as 2 low voltage power feeds.
  • The EasyAxis mounting system, installing the mounting hardware is easy and aligns itself as you go.
  • The Clarity Matrix G2 system includes an external ambient light sensor that will dim all of the 9 panels uniformly when the ambient light level reaches a specific threshold. This allows the wall to be as bright and vibrant during the day as possible (about 2.5 to 3 times brighter than a standard residential TV) while dimmed to not overpower the guests in the evening.
  • With the Planar Clarity Matrix G2 System, we were able to offer a 5 year advanced replacement warranty to make this the only solution that could fit the specific needs of this application. Watch for a Planar Clarity Matrix G2 Video wall from Automated AV at a Browns near you!

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